eze sur mer

On a journey through the Cote D'Azur our design team discovered a hidden gem called“ eze”—the enchanting medieval village with draw-dropping views plummeting down the azure blue Mediterranean and sandy beach below. This visual fantasy inspired us to create the brand “eze sur mer”.

Stimulated by the chic charm and laid-back attitude of cobble stoned streets and trailing bougainvillea - a haven for artists, culture, sublime cuisine, eze sur mer clothing embodies the essence of French aesthetics, showcasing feminine fabrics and sophisticated styles. The color palettes are hues reflected by the hilltop vistas, exotic gardens, shimmering seas, and the ethereal beauty of the sky and sand.  

The driving force behind our brand is a dynamic husband-and-wife team, Marsha and Steve, hailing from the vibrant streets of Brooklyn. With Marsha's expertise as a textile designer and Steve's background in fashion marketing, the duo's creative prowess spans across a broad spectrum servicing domestic and international retailers and catalogs for almost 50 years.

Currently headquartered amidst the captivating beauty of Sedona, Arizona, our design team is intoxicated by the ethereal light and stunning surroundings that illicit a sense of déjà vu of the essence of eze sur mer. It is within this magical setting that our team brings their creative concepts to life, infusing each design with joie de vivre.

Designed in America, our clothing comes to fruition through a sustainable manufacturing process in partnership with our factory in India. We believe in the importance of combining quality craftsmanship with responsible practices, ensuring that they captivate the senses but also contribute positively to the world we share.

spreading sunlight through sustainable, joyful fashion.

Our dedicated team works passionately to create conscious luxury, drawing inspiration from French mode. Our designs are whimsical, the textiles fluid and sustainable. You too can discover the allure of eze sur mer by joining us on this remarkable journey.